Ecco i regali che mi hanno inviato gli amici del web!
Here is some gifts from my web-friends!

This gift is for Kiwi from Muffy's mom!
Thanks again, and I send you greetings from Washington State to Milan!
Hugs, Lee Ann
Luglio 2001
July 2001
(Muffy's Page is not more online)

"Mews & Purrs my kitty furriends!
In honor of Labor Day, I am sending a little 'furriendship gift' to my furriends who are in my Top Kitty Kat Site List or my Webrings!
I want to thank each and every one of you for being a furriend and taking care and loving those wonderful little bundles of fur that we are each so lucky to have in our life!"
Settembre 2001
September 2001

"Dear Isabella and Kiwi, I've just been visiting your website
and decided to send you this watercolor so that you can put on your computer screen...
Hope you like! It's my work...
I LOVE to paint cat's eyes...
they are so expressive that I try to capture their spirit...
Love... HelenaJ"
September 2001

Miao Kiwi,
ti piace la cartolina che Olga ha creato?
Tanti tanti tanti auguri di Buon Natale
dal tuo amico di Taranto.
December 2001

"Dear Kiwi and Isabella, We have a surprise for you.
We enjoyed meeting you so much that we decided to honor you with one of our fine paintings! This special piece is called "Amico Intimo Kiwi" which we understand to mean "Close Friend Kiwi". We are very excited and hope your enjoy it and can display it with pride on your own website as we have displayed it in our own gallery. It is our gift to you Kiwi and Isabella for your kindness. We jumped on Mommy's back as soon as she walked in the door and demanded she post it immediately. Iggy and Bowie! - Art Gallery! We enjoyed the pictures of your friend Nija. She looks very beautiful in silver. We understand your English very well. Mommy is very tired now and must feed us dinner so we have to go.
Take care, Iggy and Bowie"
Febbraio 2002
February 2002

Meowmie, the monkey, and I have created an Easter card for you.
Meow wiff ya later.
Marzo 2002
March 2002

Pasqua 2002

A tutti voi e alle vostre famiglie da "le Rubriche del cuore" e "lePerledelcuore"
un Augurio per una serena Pasqua =^.^= Kiss**
Pasqua 2002

Just a little seasonal gift! Hope you enjoy a beautiful Fall!
Your friend Kim
Fall 2002

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are thankful for your friendship!!! :o)
Kim and Kitties
Thanks 2002

Thank you ALL for being such great webfriends!
Xmas 2002

Pasqua 2003

KIWI MICIO SAGGIO - Primavera 2004
Sondaggio di MiciMiao:
Quali sono i mici pił saggi del forum?
Nuvola della nonna di Vince, 25 anni
Max di Ele, 17 anni
Pippo di Serefiore, 16 anni
Kiwi di LadyStardust, 15 anni
Mirtillo di TheCat&TheMoon, 15 anni

Xmas 2005

Trudy Xmas 2005

Calvin & Hobbes Xmas 2005

Calvin & Hobbes
Happy Valentine's Day
14 Febbraio 2006
February, 14th 2006

8 Marzo 2007
Un piccolo pensiero per non dimenticare.
Luisa & Trudy