ARIES (21 March - 19 April)

Aggressive, indefatigable, the Aries cat seems born to fluster all: life, rules, manners. One night he sleep calm to your feet; the other one he will takes into his head to get on cop to the bookstore (with adjunct devastating fall of volumes and varied playthings); the other again he will lie in wait for the first young sparrot, in silen't behind a curtain in the dawn…
His extravagances will drive you crazy, but his jealousy will bewitch you. He will see only you, he will be glued like a postage stamp and he will growl like a dog if you will allow to hand a bouquet to the canary of home also only… (certainly, canary will have brief and weedy life with him).

TAURUS (20 April - 20 May)

Fiery and roundish, the Taurus cats are gifted often of a thick fur that gives them that soft appearance as unmistakable. They become take gladly in arm "to dead weight": dreamy eyes, immovable tail, exaggerated purrs. And to you the suspect will remain that all this is a beautiful sham, an able manoeuvre to divert you from any disaster hardly done.
Pacific and home-loving, this cat haven't distinctive demands in fact, but if he puts on an idea in head, certain he doesn't let go on no account before the end. Healthy, sweet, affectionate, the best cat from company. The main point is don't arouse it uselessly: he blows and he claws like few.

GEMINI (21 May - 20 June)

Passionate, uneasy, brash, the Twin cat is made for the sex and the adventurous life of the open spaces. Het doesn't bear scheme and hourly fixed: you don't ask him to sleep always on the same cushion or to come you in lap when you look at the television.
Instead, disguise yourself from Florence Nightingale when the male will return home crush and unrecognizable after the brawls on the roofs, and you are ready to prepare a beautiful series of baskets hot and mini feeding bottle that mama Twin will load you in continuation.
The free street is known, it is flood of thousand unexpected for the effervescent protagonists of this sign.

CANCER (21 June - 22 July)

Of varied cheer and a few lunatic, you must not get excited about you if once he is moved you for his sweeping love and the time after he ignore you, lifting the maximum a brow. He has "tall" and "low," it'is real, but he shall always remain next to you without never escape away for his feline crusades. It's the classical sphinx of the fireplace that doesn't admit bitter guests and doesn't accept children making a noise: his firm points are you and the home.
Rather peevish, he doesn't bear the jokes that offend him in his hypersensitivity: to avenge, himself, he is able to hide so well inside a drawer or a suitcase, under the bed or under the closet, behind the refrigerator or the hatstand to do you madden to look for him for hours and hours.

LEO (23 Luy - 22 August)

Full of oneself, cocky and booming, the Leo cat knows well to descend in straight line from his noble cousin. Also if he walk for dark alleys and disconnected penthouse, his walk is fair, compost, regal. He likes become caress, to comb and above all fondle to the joining of the tail, that he shall hoist then like a triumphant standard.
Happy and brawler, search each pretext to put on in light and do emerge the his as boasted superiority. During the loving nights, his miaowing, now deep now strident, obsess complete block of buildings. And the thing is destined to be repeated, periodically.

VIRGO (23 August - 22 September)

Sweet, patient, and big thinker, it is a cautious for nature. Already from small he measure the own forces and to the scramble for the curtains prefers exercises minus risky, like the induced hypnosis on the red fish at home.
Particularly sensitive to cold, he passed the winter root to the heater and the summer running after (it becomes for tell) each minimum ray of sun. Tragic for him season it intermediary that he face however with dignified force of mind. If you want to do he indeed happy, you look at much the television: to be on the apparatus beautiful warmth it is his preferred rest, always that, naturally, the volume has reset.

LIBRA (23 September - 22 October)

Sophisticated, elegant, always à plomb, it is this the classical cat from exposure. The luxuriousness is his natural habitat, the "calm gilded" the his correct atmosphere. Then you make live he padded in surrounding, you prefer furnishingses to the ancient, not you spare on the satins, taffetas and stuffings of real feather of goose. You find him or her the ideal mate to don't oblige it to go out and spatter. Love you him much, above all if it is a normal tabby cat or a mixed coloured and not (like he would want) a pure persian. Don't weigh his complex of inferiority: if you just could not do more, call him at least Byron, Greta, Napoleon.

SCORPIO (23 October - 21 November)

Brash, exuberant, unforeseeable it is the gymnastic cat for excellence. More that walk, he runs; he often gallop to erect tail, except be frightened for a nothing and calm down amazed to the sudden. He scrambles up for the curtains, he throw from the top of the doors, the eaves jump, he eradicates the geraniums, he leap on your bed in the heart of the night. A cyclone as, he guarantees the heart failure, quarrel among lodgers and peppery accounts. Upholsterer beloved him so much, menders and glassworkers have and guarantees and sure work and continuous in the time.

SAGGITARIUS (22 November - 21 December)

It's' the cat of whom doesn't want problems but search a calm and wary co-habitation. Idle, greedy, cat of fixed habits, it's, for him, main point have much silence, much food and a very measured sameness. He is doubtless a cat of company: he keep a check on the reserves in refrigerator, he presides attentive to the preparation of the foods, he counts the pieces that you eat and his daily dream is that you get a call in the beautiful half of your meal. He could compete with the best dish washing-machine: there is not brand that holds before his roud tongue, perfect in the remove each trace of greasy from the dishes.

CAPRICORN (22 December - 19 January)

Put on the white gloves for live with him, you draw it in point of fork, you must be airy, kind, absolutely soft. The Capricorn cat is extremely reserved, prudish, rather snob. Many cats of artists, poets, writers are of this sign: spellbound from the ticking of the typewriter, from the rustle of the sheets and from the odor of the books, they go into ecstasies when they seen theyself photographed on the more magazines to the fashion. Be satisfied them then, you become famous or at least do believe: him it's not difficult, indeed, they are so dupe!

AQUARIUS (20 January - 18 February)

Choosy or epicurean? Difficult to tell. However it is, for him the meal is a serious thing, very very serious. Don't try not even to palm off the advanced food. The Aquarius Cat won't do it howl us, only he there will despise in the profound of his being, beginning an iron fast . Usually the hoke is repeated once to the week, as for hold you "on the who alive" to check quality and breeziness of the fillet and of the "branzino" fish, that (you take note) he prefers served, the one to the blood and the other roast.

PISCES (19 February - 20 March)

The flowers are his passion. And it don't matter if cut, dry or planted. He in all the cases will think them you have bought or disseminated for his personal pleasure. When not he nibbles at petal after petal, he draws out from the vase (carefully inverted) and, like Carmen in the celebrated scene of the seduction, he holds overconfident in mouth outflank him bloated for house. So that avoid holes in garden and at home the cric-crac of the glasses in earth, good file the "green inch"and devote to an other hobby.


(Melita Kunz 's book "Il Mondo è Gatto" - IdeaLibri)