Miao to all of you,

I'm KIWI, Kiwi The Cat, the Wonderful Wonderful Cat!

I'm a wonderful (my mom says!!!) white-black male cat and I live in MIlan, Italy.This is only one of the pet-names with which Isabella calls me, my human mom. The others are: "Ciopi", "Little Mouse" (?!?), "Eyes of jade and emerald" and I recognize them all.I was born on June 15 th, 1988 in Grandfather Angelo's garden.
My mother Brigida was an excellent hunter of mice.

I came to my new home on 28 th August, as a little lively and loving to be cuddled cub. Isabella wanted to have a kitten and Grandfather Angelo said: "take this, it's a female and it's more quiet" (?!?).
Isabella chose a regal and stately name: "Cleopatra" and immediately Claudio renamed me "the little Cleo". Certainly, I didn't understand that one name so charming! Also the veterinary surgeon didn't understand my name when she saw me for the obligatory vaccinations (I hated them!!!); She asked: "What have you called him?" "Cleopatra" answered Isabella. "Ah, from now on later you must call him Cleopatro" it was the answer of a woman who could be a good judge. So, the choice of the new name began. "Call him Rambo" said Claudio, "Yes, then his balls will be taken away, try to imagine what Rambo can be without balls" answered Isabella (what were they talking about?!?). "And then we call him KIWI" was the immediate retort of Claudio, and KIWI I was.

I continued my happy life between tidbits, cuddles and games, (I'm the best to stop the little balls made of fabric that Claudio sews for me, I'm more skilful than the best goal-keeper in the world, someone want to sign me on?) until that beautiful day, when Isabella came back home after some days of absence with a "little bundle of rags" in her arms… it was a "little kid", not even much crying: LUCA.
To be mistaken is human but to persevere is diabolic.
They were not happy with just one baby, so they thought to make an encore and then came also the "little puffo" FABRIZIO.
I must be sincere: the children really want to be good to me and they want to play with me. But in truth I still haven't accepted them completely, I observe them from the high when they play, I put up with them when they often litigate and if I can't take any more, I go away to be peaceful in one of my preferred places.

I put up with the cuddles of the two children; my cuddles I reserve for mom and dad… but I'm very very very jealous of eventual cuddles made to other domestic-animals, like when Isabella has extended herself too much fussing with Ardesia, the Stefano's nice female cat. When she comes home, I smell something that makes me feel she has betrayed me! I was annoyed and angry, and she lost two days of cuddles because I would not forgive her.

I adore plants, in the sense that I adore putting them in my teeth. I have a visceral passion for papyrus. (I remember the riches and splendors of ancient Egypt when we cats were considered sacred animals and anyone who did evil to us was punished with death). Isabella is deprived of hope.

I'm greedy and a thief: I have stolen a piece of meat right from the fork of dad (on the way from plate to mouth); Lalla must hide the meat-loaf to cool it; I grab the boiled cauliflower and American potato; I go crazy for black olives and I like "veeery" much yellow mantovano melon; I don't disdain figs and I savour also mushroom champignon over pizza. My daily meal is comprised of fresh and washed leaf of lettuce and red lettuce. I have abstinence crisis if I remain without croquettes.

From 1995 I follow a diet to prevent the onset of the calculations of struvite.
On 28 th September 2004, with the diabetes has been diagnosed me.

I'm very lucky, I love my family and they love me. They cuddle me, they molly-coddle me, they take care of me, and we go on holidays all together, where I can enjoy the cool climate and a nice panorama while I lie down comfortably over the window-sill of the house in Trentino (if only it was ours!). Better than the Milan sultry (oppressive) heat…

Nothing else to report, my secrets must remain such!

Purrs to all of you.

September 16th 2006, morning...
I am a wise elderly cat... I'm 18 years 3 months and 1 day...
I feel so much tired... they saied that there is a place, The Rainbow Bridge, where is fine to live, where there are green lawns and lukewarm spring sun, where I can race and play as when I was young... where I will return young.
Good-bye my beloved family... Hi my sweet and beloved and adored Isabella, my mom, hi dad Claudio, hi little brothers Luca and Fabrizio.
Don't cry for me, because I will be always close to you. I will go now on the Bridge and I will patiently wait for you, because when also you will become spirits, you will return here to me...
Don't cry for me, I will send you a cat needy of love, sooner than you don't imagine. You have so much love to still to must not be waste.
I will be always with You. I am and I will be forever yours beloved and adored Kiwi.
Good-bye my beloved human. Purrr purrr purrrrrrrrr...


Thanks Paola (aka Icara) of BuffoGatto
for this nice jumping Kiwi.

Translated by Isabella and Julie.

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