Considering that Life is one, all living beings having a common origin and having diversified in the course of the evolution of the species; Considering that all living beings possess natural rights, and that any animal with a nervous system has specific rights;
Considering that the contempt for, and even the simple ignorance of, these natural rights cause serious damage to Nature and lead men to commit crims against animals;
Considering that the coexistence of species implies a recognition by the human species of the right of other animal species to live;
Considering that the respect of animals by humans is inseparable from the respect of men for each other.

It is hereby proclaimed:

Article 1
All the animals born equal across the life and they have the same rights to the existence.

Article 2
Each animal have the right to the respect.
b) Man, like animal species, cannot arrogate the right of to esterminate the other animals or to capitalize on them violating this right.
c) Each animal have the right to the consideration, to the treatment and to the protection of the man.

Article 3
No animal must be succumb to maltreatment or to deed cruel.

Article 4
Each animal belong to a wild species have the right to live free on your eartly natural ambient, aereal or acuatic hand he has the right of to reproduce.
b) Each deprivation of freedom, even if with educationale purpose, is opposite to this right.

Article 5
Each animal belong to one species that usually lives in the human's habitat, it must live and grow up by the rhythm and the life's condictions proper to his pecies.
b) Each mutation of this rhythm and of this condictions dictated by the man with mercantile purpose, is defeat to this law.

Article 6
Each selected by the men like pal, must have a life corresponding at this natural longevity.
b) To leave an animal is a cruel and degrading action.

Article 7
Each animal that works, must have fair limitation of duration and intensity of work, at an adapt nutrition and the rest.

Article 8
The animal's experiments that mean a phisics and mental sorrow, is incompatible with the animals'rights, both it's about medic, scentific, commercial, and each other kind of experiments.
b) The sobstitute technique must be stylize and develop.

Article 9
In the event wich the animal is breed for feeding, it must be feeded accomodated, trasported and killed without fear and pain.

Article 10
Not any animal must be used for amusement.
b) The exhibition nad the show that used the animal are incompatible with the animal's dignity.

Article 11
Each action that cause the murder of an animal without necessity, is biocide, that is a crime against the life.

Article 12
Each action that cause the murder a lot of savages animals is genocide, this is a crime against species.
b) Pollution and destruction get to the genocide.

Article 13
The dead animal must be treat with respect.
b) The violence scenes whose the animals are victims must be forbid at the cinema and tv, unless they demonstrate an attempt at the animal right.

Article 14
The protection and safeguard league must be represented at government level.
b) The animal's right must be defended by law like the humans rights.

The text of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE ANIMALS' RIGHT, has been adopted from the International Legue of the
Animals' Right, and from the National Affiliated Legues, in the course of the International Meeting on the Animal's Rights, happened to London from 21 to 23 september 1977.